San Francisco Beacon Centers


For twenty years, Beacon Centers have revitalized communities and empowered youth by transforming school sites into hubs that connect the community and expand learning beyond school hours and academics. Today, eight Beacon Centers serve 12,000 San Francisco youth and their families and serve as a model for community schools in the Bay Area and nationally.

Beacon Centers strengthen the connection between schools, students, and families and close the gap between school services (and hours) and community needs. Through strong partnerships, more resources are available and services are better coordinated to achieve positive outcomes for our youth, families and communities.

Beyond supplementing the school day, Beacon Center activities nurture the skills necessary to be successful in life and school – problem solving, critical thinking, personal motivation, and confidence. Beacon Centers are a place where youth feel safe and supported, somewhere to turn to when things get tough at school, at home or with their friends. They ignite a passionate sense of possibility that inspires youth to take ownership of their future.

Families are welcome at Beacon Centers. Siblings, parents, and guardians who participate with the students experience their own learning and build a social support network.

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