Mission Graduates is the lead agency of the Everett Beacon, MG will be coordinating a wide variety of after-school programs for students and families at Everett. From the 1990s to 2008, Mission Graduates was at the helm of this amazing resource for the community.  And we are thrilled to return Everett Middle School this fall as the lead agency of this amazing collaborative of services for the Mission community. Good Samaritan Family Resource Center100% College Prep InstituteFirst GraduateAmerica SCORESPulsing Word, and Loco Bloco will join MG in creating an engaging and supportive after-school environment for Everett students to learn and grow.



  • Arts: Art Class, Cesar Chavez Club (urban art/mural painting class), Guitar Class, Knitting, Theater
  • Sports and Recreation: Basketball, Bike Club, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Girls Got Goals (Soccer league for girls) Loco Bloco (Stilt walking class), Salsa/Hip Hop, Skateboard Club, Soccer, Tennis
  • Youth development: CRN Outreach (mentoring and case management), Girls & Boys Groups, Girls For a Change (inspire young girls to develop confidence and healthy relationships), Homeys (promote cultural and political education to youth through education, art, and media)



  • Adult & Faculty Basketball
  • All Islands As One: A mentoring group for Pacific Islanders.
  • Garden Collaborative
  • TOUCH Volleyball
  • Triangle Martial Arts: LGBT Martial Arts class.
  • Mission Beacon/ExCel Food Pantry: Open to all families. Located inside Everett Middle School every Thursday from 3:30-5:30 P.M.
  • Family Donation Locker: Open to all Beacon families. Pick up clothes, shoes, etc. for youth and adults.
  • Native American Parent Group


Marco Durazo, Beacon Director

Marco is originally from San Diego. He has considerable experience working in community development and public education. He has worked as a parent engagement specialist, after school program coordinator, and as a adjunct instructor at UCLA. Marco joined Mission Graduates as the Beacon Director at Everett Middle School in the Mission District 3 years ago. He’s currently running for City Council for San Bruno, where he is heavily involved. Marco received his Bachelor’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science from UCLA and his Master’s Degree in Political Science from MIT.


450 Church Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114
Neighborhood: Castro/Upper Market
Phone: 415-241-6344
Fax: 415-241-6361
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