What We Do

What We Do

Beacon Centers transform public schools into youth and family centers that become a beacon of activity for the surrounding neighborhood. Drawing on the existing wealth in their communities, Beacon Centers create pathways to lifelong learning through which young people and adults can always find the next challenge or step in their process of learning, growth, and development throughout a lifetime.

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative coordinates public and private partnerships and funding that enable schools, communities, and families to offer academic, social, and emotional support to their youth as they prepare for lives as successful adults.

To learn more about the history and impact of Beacons, watch this short motiongraphic produced for SFBI’s 20th Anniversary:


Our Team

Pam Pradachith-Demler, Executive Director

Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Director of Organizational Learning

Carol Hill, Director of Capacity Building

Erica Hernandez, Network Manager

Lota Mari Gaetos, Executive Assistant