November 18, 2017

Coming Full Circle

Meet Wilson Cruz from Mission Graduates.

Wilson1Wilson was born and raised in Guatemala and came to the Mission District in California in his early childhood. He attended Everett Middle School and Mission High School and currently works at Everett Middle School as the Assistant Director of the Mission Beacon Center.

As the Assistant Director, he is responsible for ensuring the after school program is running smoothly and that Beacon staff is supporting the school day staff. He is a leader not only to the staff he supervises, but also to the youth participants. As Wilson makes his rounds throughout program, he has youth participants who are eager to talk to him and follow him through the halls of the school.

Youth look up to Wilson as a mentor, leader and confidant. He can easily relate to the youth of Everett Middle School having shared and similar experiences growing up as an immigrant and English learner in the same community. Wilson has the trust of many youth and their parents, which empowers him to provide impactful programs and services.

Wilson is currently planning to implement family programs and has other ideas in creating partnerships around the community to provide more programs.

As a former student of Everett Middle School and returning as a leader to serve his community, Wilson’s story is an example of coming full circle.