September 26, 2018

Alberto Martinez, Beacon Director at Buena Vista Horace Mann Community School

Alberto Martinez and was born and raised in the San Francisco Mission District, and graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Criminal Justice. After beginning his work with Jamestown , he realized that his passion lies within the work he does with his community to provide youth with the skills, that will help them succeed in life. Alberto has been part of Jamestown since 2014, starting at James Lick Middle School as the After School Program Assistant. Since then, he has helped implement new programming at other sites across the Jamestown network, continuing to build connections and opportunities for youth in the community. He is excited to take the next step in his career as the Buena Vista Horace Mann Beacon Director because it will give him a great opportunity to not only help the youth, but also provide developmental tools for parents, to help support their children in their educational and emotional development.

Here’s a few appreciations from his Director and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Alberto brings a “let’s get things done” attitude to his work at BVHM. He is a doer and for that reason a big asset at the BVHM Beacon site. In particular his desire to communicate services to all stake holders through different mediums is impressive. As well as his ability to bring in opportunities for the youth at BVHM has been thus far impactful. Above all his ability to speak about his work with passion and care makes him a person that is seeked out.” – Jessica Linares, Director of Community Schools of Jamestown

“Alberto is a passionate and committed leader, and is always striving to improve the services his beacon provides and his own leadership capacities. He always has a question, which shows how thoughtful he is.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

Thank you for all you do, Alberto!