September 25, 2018

Anttwan Stanberry, Beacon Director at James Lick Beacon Community School

Keeping those appreciations going!

Anttwan Stanberry was born and raised in the San Francisco Mission District and has been working with youth for 13 years. Growing up, Anttwan developed a passion for drumming and dancing through his time with Loco Bloco. Anttwan has worked as the Middle School and High School Director for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco and has held leadership positions for other youth organizations across the Bay Area. As the new Beacon Director, Anttwan is looking forward to bringing new programs and ideas that will help increase the involvement between the James Lick Middle School students, parents and teachers, the Jamestown Community Center, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative.

Here are some appreciations from his Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“The James Lick Beacon is growing and thriving in the first couple of months, growing attendance to 3 times higher than the previous year and this has a lot to do with the kind of leader Anttwan is. He wears his inner child on his sleeve making him approachable and relatable to youth and families alike. However, Anttwan’s real magic is his ability to turn anything into a memorable experience. From leading a Mexican line dance during lunch to hitting every beat in a school day staff meeting, Anttwan brings joy and positiveness to all those around him. James Lick and Jamestown are truly lucky to have him.” – Jessica Linares, Director of Community Schools at Jamestown

“Anttwan is the newest member of James Lick and after 4 weeks you wouldn’t know it. He jumps in where needed and is always forward thinking and planning the next best thing for James Lick. In a few short weeks has become a valuable member of our school community. We are lucky and grateful to have him.” – Tim Reidy, Principal of James Lick Middle School

“Anttwan brings an infectious positive energy everywhere he goes. He has already formed positive trusting relationships with many of his staff and youth, and has hit the ground running at his school.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of San Francisco Beacon Initiative

You rock, Anttwan!