December 5, 2014

Beacon Bridge Presents: Beacon Blades of Glory!

Yesterday over 60 staff from Beacons across the city met up at the Church of 8 Wheels for the first Beacon Bridge social event of the 14-15 year. Beacon Bridge is a council of staff representing all 8 Beacons whose mission is to create peer networks across the 8 Beacon Centers to learn from, connect with, educate each other, and develop a strong frontline voice that connects our communities and shapes the Beacon Initiative. Each year they plan three events, a fall and spring social event and a professional development day called Beacon Way Day.

This year, thanks to David of the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon, we were able to host it at the historic Church of 8 Wheels in the Fillmore district. Beacon Bridge decided to amp things up with a neon-themed costume contest. Jennifer from Sunset Neighborhood Beacon won the contest and the glory of a golden rollerskate. Staff learned that rollerskating is a little harder than it looks, and got the experience of trying something new on, just like their youth do every day! After folks found their footing, staff boogied the night away as David dj’ed.

Thanks to Beacon Bridge for organizing the event, especially Yana from Bayview Beacon and Allan from Sunset Beacon, this year’s BB co-leads who help facilitate and coordinate the team. Check out pics in the gallery below!