July 14, 2017

Beacon Fest at Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center at AP Giannini Middle School

Summer is here! Beacon programs are happening all over the city for the next few weeks with each site having their own flare for their program.
Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center at AP Giannini Middle School celebrated their Beacon Fest Showcase during the midway point of their summer program called Camp SNBC. During the 6 week program, youth are divided into three groups, the Travelers, Explorers, and Tourists where all get to partake on project clubs falling under three categories: Active, Academic and Artistic. Camp SNBC’s theme is “Around the World in 30 Days,” where the youth create their own countries and explore all the different clubs in the camp. The program holds two showcases in which youth participants present their projects from their clubs.
The first showcase took place on Friday, June 23rd. The first hour of Beacon Fest consisted of youth presenting their projects to their peers and parents. The computer club presented video games and web pages they created, as well as 3D figurines produced from the software program. The cooking class made yogurt and fruit parfaits for all to sample and informed all of the basic food groups. The second hour was a celebration and dance, which had games, snacks and music for all to enjoy.
Check out some photos of the program:
SNBC1 Snbc2 Snbc3 Snbc4 Snbc5 Snbc6

Stay tuned for more as summer wraps up and we jump into the 2017-18 school year!