Beacon Way Day 2019 Resources and Tools

Check out our tools and resources from the workshops that were held at Beacon Way Day 2019: A Seat at the Table – Bring a Piece of You, Leave with Something New.

Beacon Way Day Presentation (includes chants)

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Talking about Identity


◊ Activity Instructions

Community Circles

Effective Ways to Utilize Community Circles Presentation

◊ Student Voice Slips

◊ Playground Elegy

Fostering Relationships with Families

◊ Presentation

Our Schools, Our Communities: Addressing Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs


◊ Strengthening Families Program Flyer (English)

◊ Strengthening Families Program Flyer (Spanish)

◊ Strengthening Families Program Flyer (Samoan Community Development Center)

◊ Strengthening Families Program Flyer (Urban Services YMCA)

◊ Strengthening Families Providers Contact List

Returning to Calm

◊ Presentation

◊ Worksheets

Your Role in a Community School

◊ Toolkit

◊ Poster 1

◊ Poster 2

◊ Poster 3

◊ Poster 4

◊ Poster 5

◊ Poster 6

How to Plan your Afterschool Program

◊ July Poster

◊ August Poster

◊ September Poster

◊ October Poster

November Poster

◊ December Poster

◊ January Poster

◊ February Poster

◊ March Poster

◊ April Poster

◊ May Poster 

◊ June Poster