September 24, 2018

Cass Terry, Beacon Director at Roosevelt Beacon Community School

Go Cass!

Born and raised in San Francisco, Cassandra “Cass” Terry has been an advocate and leader in out-of-school time for over 15 years. She earned her teaching credential at the University of Portland but soon decided afterschool was the place for her. Cass is starting her 10th school year at Roosevelt Middle School and loves to bring her insane amounts of archaic trivia and 90s pop culture references into her conversations with youth and families.

Here are some appreciations from her Executive Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Cass is the true embodiment of community schools framework. Youth are at the center of everything she does and she aligns all partners and stakeholders to ensure that students need are met. She has a tireless work ethic and a strong commitment to social justice programming. We are lucky to have someone so committed to Roosevelt Middle School and the Richmond Neighborhood Center.” -Michelle Cusano, Executive Director of Richmond District Neighborhood Center

“Cass Terry is an amazing person, leader, and partner when serving youth in San Francisco. Her dedication to her community, to her students, and to her staff are unparalleled. Cass is also highly organized, and a quick thinking problem solver that makes logical decisions that produce results. She’s brilliant, and it shows in her work each day at Roosevelt Middle School.” – Michael Stachon, Principal of Roosevelt Middle School

“Cass has a tremendous amount of experience and expertise around supporting youth, families, and schools. She works very hard day in and day out to achieve her goals, all while offering support to others in any way she can. The enthusiasm for her work is infectious and I am inspired by her leadership!” – Erica Hernandez, Program Manager of San Francisco Beacon Initiative

You are awesome, Cass!