Community School Programmatic Components

Community School Programmatic Components

This final section describes the four primary programmatic components in the SFUSD Community School Framework, which are the four primary programmatic components of Beacon Community Schools. This folder contains a checklist for each programmatic component to self-assess your alignment to the community school framework. This folder has program examples from current Beacon and Community Schools across San Francisco.

Each programmatic component has 3 sets of resources:

1. A general description with broad tools and resources.

2. Each programmatic component in a community school framework, so that you can push your programs to be authentically connected and coordinated. Each of these can also be used as a self-assessment, and are in checklist form here.

3. More specific direction about each programmatic component, with specific examples from San Francisco Beacon Centers and Community Schools.

Expanded Learning

Behavioral Health and Wellness


Family Partnerships