October 12, 2018

Ed Cheveres, Beacon Director at Willie Brown Beacon Community School

We’re wrapping up our extended version of Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week with our last, but definitely not least Beacon Director!

Ed Cheveres is the Willie Brown Jr. Middle School Beacon Director for Good Samaritan FRC. He is a Bay Area native with over 17 years experience in youth development. Ed has a diverse background in supporting and developing numerous youth based programs and most recently served as the Interim Beacon Director for TEL HI at Francisco Middle School. He has supported and helped to develop various expanded learning and summer programs for K-12 youth including: comprehensive school based programs, off site community based programs, and summer camps. Ed brings an immense passion for working with youth who are at risk of being failed by adult-driven systems or institutions. Ed has experience in gang prevention and intervention, building programs and services in a juvenile detention facility, and working to support special education school programs and classrooms. Ed is an experienced, endorsed CALSAC trainer with experience training out of school time professionals across the state. He studied Community and Commercial Recreation Administration at California State University, Chico and recently returned home to the east bay, GO RAIDERS, in 2016 to settle in with his wife who is a 6th grade teacher.

Here are appreciations from his Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“The Good Samaritan Family Resource Center is deeply grateful for Ed Cheveres. Ed has built a wonderful Beacon at Willie Brown Middle School. Compliments abound from Principal Charleston Brown, the teachers and parents, but we think the most fitting quote comes from one of the senior members of the teaching staff. Quote “We the OG teachers, meaning the three of us that have been here from the start, know how special this year’s Beacon program is. We feel like Ed and the Beacon team hold the center of our school together, supporting everyone, and most importantly giving our kids a safe place to be themselves.” Congratulations are in order for Ed and his team, and we look forward to his continued impact as we progress through this school year and the future.” – Kian Alavi, Senior Director of Programs of Good Samaritan Family Resource Center

“Ed is a special guy with a Big Heart who wants to see each student provided the best that we as adults have to offer!” – Charleston Brown, Principal of Willie Brown Middle School

“Ed’s calm strength brings stability and purpose to his Beacon. He is firm, yet kind, and really shines in his community schools knowledge and practice.” – Carol Hill, Executive Director of SFBI

We appreciate you and your dedication, Ed!