September 28, 2017

Francesca Gonzalez, Beacon Director at OMIE Beacon Center

FrancescaFrancesca joined with Urban Services YMCA in 2006. Prior to becoming the Beacon Director for Outer Mission/Ingleside/Excelsior Beacon Center at James Denman Middle School, she was serving as the Director of Community Programs. She has a passion for providing quality programs for the youth and families in the community. Another passion of hers is photography, where she studied at Academy of Art University. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband, two kids, 4 chickens and 2 cats who she considers her fur/feather babies.
Here are some special appreciations from her Associate Executive Director and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“I appreciate Francesca’s personal commitment to quality and care for youth and families. Francesca puts heart into everything she does. She ensures the well-being of everyone she comes in contact with and her passion fosters an environment of mutual respect and belonging. Urban Services leadership and I appreciate her tremendously and she is integral teammate.” – Suzanne Medina, Associate Executive Director at Urban Services YMCA

Francesca has taken on the role of Beacon Director with gusto and assertion, and has formed an amazing team using her leadership ability and vision for community school partnerships. We appreciate her willingness to jump in as a learner and a leader from the moment she started.” – SFBI

Thank you for all you do, Francesca!