Information on Frequently Asked Questions regarding MOUs/Facilities Usage Permits

  • Do you recommend to complete two different MOUs for two different sites as it asks for program details? → Lump service areas together. Contact Ruth and Community Partnership office. Ruth has a cheat sheet specifically for DCYF grantees.
  • Access to FUP → Account system with SFUSD.
  • Will Beacons still receive 4 Saturdays? → No.
  • Winter Break and Spring Break fees?→ To be paid for.
  • Are we expected to run summer program at the Beacon site if condensed sites? → Yes, summer programs will be at the Beacon site unless the site is closed for some reason.
  • Evening hours fee? → After 7:30 pm you have to pay.
  • FUP Advice – Recommend multiple reservations for any breaks in between. Every FUP can do about 10 reservations on it.
  • Is there a before school start time? → If you want to start at 7 am, they charge 30 mins beforehand for custodial services to open the doors at 6:30. Submit FUP until MOU is figured out.
  • Are there glitches in the system? → Yes, you’ll have to call Carmen at Real Estate to figure out.
  • Another agency providing service at our Beacon site, we have an MOU, do we they need a FUP? → They don’t need to if they have an MOU with you.
  • Family events happen past 7:30 pm do we have to fill it out? → Complete the permit for just that1 day event.