September 25, 2018

Jasmine Benton, Beacon Director at Dr. William Cobb Beacon Community School

Some fun facts about Jasmine:

♦ I graduated from the wonderful Florida A&M University with my Bachelor in Social Work, and Masters in Teaching from USC

♦ Ran track for 6 years (was 2nd in Nor. Cal in 200 meters while attending CCSF)

♦ Taught middle school for 1 year

♦ Love to listen to music, dance, travel, and sporty/fast cars

♦ Born and raised in San Francisco

♦ Zodiac Sign: Libra

♦ Furthest place traveled: Ghana, Africa

♦ Write with my left hand 😊

Here are some appreciations from her Executive Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“I appreciate Jasmine for the work she has put into the Dr. Cobb Community School Beacon. The program was able to start the school year program fully enrolled in afterschool and immediately able to collaborate with the school day program. Jasmine has identified and started addressing the needs of the community. Bringing a new initiative to the school has been taken very seriously by Jasmine.” – Rodney Chin, Executive Director of Buchanan YMCA

“Jasmine brings a true talent for building partnerships to Cobb Elementary. She acts on her belief that we are a team working on behalf of all our children by reaching out to school and community organizations. The result is that we are building a powerful group of people who are actively engaged in the success of our kids.” – Joe Funk, Principal of Dr. William Cobb

“Jasmine brings enthusiams and dedication to her work that is infections. She asks tough questions and is solution oriented in a way that we can all learn from.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

Thank you for all you do, Jasmine!