September 28, 2017

LaSaundra Owens, Beacon Director at Western Addition

LaSaundraBorn and raised in the Bay Area, LaSaundra is a vibrant character whose passion is to enhance the lives of young people by bridging innovative and engaging youth development strategies with tangible educational outcomes. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from California State University, Easy Bay and currently pursuing a Master’s of Business Management with a concentration in Public Administration at the University of Phoenix. LaSaundra has been with YMCA of San Francisco for 14 years, where she climbed the ladder to become Beacon Director of the Western Addition Beacon Center at John Muir Elementary School.
Here are a few special appreciations from her Executive Director and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“I appreciate Lasaundra for her dedication to the Beacon initiative. She has facilitated a seamless transition between her and Maysha. The continual growth of the program while maintaining community and staff relationships is amazing for someone just stepping into her new role as the Beacon Director.” – Rodney Chin, Executive Director of¬†Buchanan

“Ms. Lausandra cares deeply about our scholars at John Muir. She is a warm demander and expects the best from them. She is often visited by former John Muir students who need a hug or a listening ear. As a principal, it is fantastic to have someone that I can go to brainstorm ideas or seek advice. Ms. LaSaundra is a gem. She also has a lovely karaoke voice and has won several gold medals in competitions.” – Shawn Mansager, Principal of John Muir Elementary School

LaSaundra brings an energy and passion to her work that is infectuous. She has so much exptertise to share, but always always finds connections and ways to learn because she is constantanly striving for improvement. Her dedication to the John Muir community and Western Addition Beacon is striking, and has taken on her role as Beacon Director with full force.” – SFBI

We appreciate you, LaSaundra!