September 27, 2018

Mandy McGowen, Beacon Director at AP Giannini Beacon Community School

Mandy was born in the Bay, raised in Rocklin, CA, and matured in great cities all over the country. A BA in Comparative Literature from UC Irvine landed her a job at the Laguna Playhouse in the youth theater department and her time and experience there thrust her on to pursue a Masters in Educational Theater and English at New York University. While in New York, Mandy acted in a school touring troupe called Shakespeare to Go and coached running for the New York Road Runners in the Young Runners program. Missing mild California weather, she returned to the Bay Area after graduation and lead summer day camps in Mill Valley before finding the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center. Here she sharpened her youth development chops as a program leader and West Sunset Rec Connect Program Coordinator. After four years with SNBC, she rose to the challenge of becoming the executive director for Kids Konnected in Orange County; but Southern California could not keep her. After two years she moved back to the Bay, went back to work with the amazing communities served by SNBC, and has suddenly found herself in the position of A.P. Giannini Beacon Director. Mandy is thrilled and grateful her journey has brought her to supporting the youth and families where she started. Pictured, you can find her before and after the mask workshop she lead at the A.P. Giannini Beacon Summer Program.

Here are some appreciations from her Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Mandy McGowen has hit the ground running in her new role as APG Beacon Director. No stranger to after school programming, she has quickly brought her years of professional after school and executive director experience to the service of the AP Giannini community. Mandy has a positive and upbeat attitude that inspires students and staff alike.” – Kyle Giocomo, ASP Manager of Bay Area Community Resources

“Mandy is new to the Beacon Director position and has come out swinging!!! She has an incredibly positive attitude, brings an art centric lens to the work and is incredibly collaborative. We really appreciate her take charge attitude and we look forward to building even deeper relationships with families together. Thanks for your Team Spirit!” – Tai-Sun Schoeman (and team), Principal of AP Giannini Middle School

“Mandy jumped into her role and started moving forward right away. She brings creative and passionate energy to the Beacon Network, and we are lucky to have her!” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

Great work, Mandy! Very creative.