September 25, 2018

Marco Durazo, Beacon Director at Everett Beacon Community School

Marco is originally from San Diego. He has considerable experience working in community development and public education. He has worked as a parent engagement specialist, after school program coordinator, and as a adjunct instructor at UCLA. Marco joined Mission Graduates as the Beacon Director at Everett Middle School in the Mission District 3 years ago. He’s currently running for City Council for San Bruno, where he is heavily involved. Marco received his Bachelor’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science from UCLA and his Master’s Degree in Political Science from MIT.

Here are some appreciations from his Executive Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Marco has been a committed advocate for social justice and ensuring the needs of Latino and African American students are met in his program. As someone who grew up in afterschool programs himself, he is passionate and inspired to ensure that all youth are provided the opportunities they need to succeed. He is a role model to students and staff alike. Over the last 5 years, he has built a Beacon program that provides leadership opportunities, community engagement, and academic acceleration for students at Everett Middle School.” – Eddie Kaufman, Executive Director of Mission Graduates

“Marco is an essential player in our commitment to build a seamless partnership between our school day and our Beacon. His willingness to work together in service of our young people is incredible and our school’s gains and successes would not be what they’ve been without our strong partnership with Beacon under Marco’s leadership.” – Lindsay Dowdle, Principal of Everett Middle School

“As the most veteran Beacon Director in our network, Marco has been incredibly generous with his leadership advice and perspective among the new Beacon Directors. He is both a leader and always a learner, and is an amazing asset to our city.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

Keep it up, Marco!