April 10, 2014

Explore our NEW website!

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative is excited to launch our brand new website! This website will serve as a portal to all things San Francisco Beacon Initiative and is your one stop shop¬† to find what you need – looking for that evaluation from 2001? We got it! Looking for contact info for your neighborhood Beacon center? We got it! Let’s take a quick tour to see what all is here.


This section has all the background and history of the San Francisco Beacon Initiative, including our program model, history, governance structure, contact info, and FAQ’s.


Each Beacon Center has their own page with contact info, program info, photos, and more. Not sure what your closest Beacon Center is? Just click on the word ‘Centers’ on the top menu and you’ll see a map of all 8 Beacon Centers.


This is a resource-rich area, featuring everything we’ve got to offer in terms of evaluations, resources from our partners, past projects, and samples and templates.


This is where you’re at right now! This is where we’ll be bringing you the latest news and updates from SFBI, our Beacon Centers, and the world of expanded learning. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of all our posts.

And of course, we don’t want to miss the other important buttons up top! From there you can donate or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for EVEN MORE exciting Beacon Initiative news.

Take a look around, we hope you like what you see!

-The SFBI team