September 26, 2018

Melissa Alvarez, Beacon Director at Leonard Flynn Beacon Community School

Melissa is Bay Area local. She went to school at Sonoma State University, originally to study to be an elementary teacher, but after her first job with AmeriCorps at an elementary school in Santa Rosa, she fell in love with after school. After completing her B.A. in Human Development, she moved to San Francisco and joined Mission Graduates in December of 2013 at Bryant Elementary as a classroom coordinator. After three year with the Bryant Elementary community, she moved to a nearby counterpart, Flynn Elementary, to take on the role as Director of the Flynn Extended Day Program. Melissa shares her love of soccer with our students, acting as coach for Bryant and Flynn’s Bay Area America SCORES soccer team. She continues her education by taking Spanish classes at night to increase her communication skills with families. This community means so much and she feels very proud to get to work with them every day!

Here are some appreciations from her Executive Director and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Melissa has been a successful program director that brings her skills and abilities to building the Flynn Beacon. Committed to serving the youth that have been often overlooked, she has developed a vibrant program that serves the educational and emotional needs of students. She Her passion, creativity, and problem solving talents are evident in all that she does, and is an inspiration to her staff. She is an integral part of the Flynn community.” – Eddie Kaufman, Executive Director of Mission Graduates

“Melissa is a smart leader, with a deep understanding of her school and community. She is a strategic and thoughtful leader and a pleasure to work with.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

We appreciate you, Melissa!