July 2, 2018

PwC’s Access Your Potential Summer Event

SFBI has been very fortunate to have a partnership with PwC for the last few years. They have provided financial literacy curriculum throughout the school year to some of our middle school and high school centers, which involved creating businesses, budgeting, marketing and so much more. They gave our youth opportunities to showcase their talent, knowledge and brilliant ideas.

PwC partnered with SFBI and the Beacon Centers for a 2 day summer event called, Access Your Potential, where PwC interns taught our youth about coding, app development, and more. Over 100+ youth were in attendance from our Mission Beacon, Martin Luther King Jr Beacon, Jamestown, Community Youth Center, Richmond Beacon, and Visitacion Valley Beacon. The young people were fun, engaged, and respectful! They were also of course knowledgeable and interested in the technology aspect – a participant even answered the question “what is an app?” by asking Siri on his phone, then shared the answer with the entire room! Very funny.

Thank you to PwC for working with our youth and to our Beacon Centers for participating in this great opportunity! We look forward to more in the future. Enjoy the photos.

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