April 29, 2014

R.O.C.K. in the news

R.O.C.K., the lead agency for the Visitacion Valley Beacon Center, recently made the news on KALW for their great programming:

Natasha Mahia, a student at El Dorado elementary school in Visitacion Valley, is one of ROCK’s biggest fans. ROCK stands for Real Options for City Kids, an after-school and mentoring program for youth in Visitacion Valley.

“I love ROCK,” Natasha says, “because I get to do all kinds of activities, cooking, art, sports…”

Natasha’s mentor and ROCK director, Curt Yagi, is trying to get her to her next activity. It’s a really hands on program. Even ROCK’s executive director, is a tutor and mentor. When Yagi isn’t fundraising, he’s leading music workshops and helping Natasha with her Math homework.

Go ROCK! Curt Yagi sits on the Beacon Steering Committee and for years has provided a valuable perspective representing Beacon lead agencies, and the Visitacion Valley/ROCK collaboration sets a great model for the field on how a great partnership can work.

KALW also visited the ROCK program as part of their Hear Here Community Storytelling project. At the link you can hear program participants telling their stories about their hobbies and their families.