September 24, 2018

Reggie Valenzuela, Beacon Director at Herbert Hoover Beacon Community School

Our first Beacon Director we are celebrating is Reggie Valenzuela!

Reginald (Reggie) Valenzuela is the Beacon Director at Herbert Hoover Middle school. This is his second year there as he was the Afterschool coordinator for one year and move up to be the Beacon Director. Reggie comes into the role with about 15+ years in education. He has worked with a range of ages from preschool through college. Reggie was born in San Francisco, Ca and raised in Daly City, Ca. He is a proud product of the public school system in California.
Reggie interests include: planning activities for his friends and family, smiling, being a proud extrovert and an avid Mariah Carey fan.

Here are some appreciations from his Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Reggie Valenzuela brings thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion to work each day at Hoover Middle School. He is focused on community building and always puts the students and families first. And he is really fun to be around for all that have that opportunity. It is a pleasure to have him as a part of our team.” -Don Blasky, Program Director of Bay Area Community Resources

“Reggie, the Beacon Director at Hoover, is always on the ready to be hands-on-deck, thoughtfully plans and supports services for students and families, and brings a positive energy and zeal to our school community. We are so proud of how he is fulfilling his role to bring “community” to a whole new comprehensive level!” – Liz Fierst, Principal of Hoover Middle School

“I love Reggie’s bubbly nature! He is determined, thoughtful, and truly dedicated to his work. He works very hard and strives for success in everything he does. I am thankful for his energy and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes this year.” – Erica Hernandez, Program Manager of SFBI

We appreciate all your hard work and dedication, Reggie!