September 28, 2018

Saul Anaya, Beacon Director at Cesar Chavez Beacon Community School

Saul Anaya was born and raised in San Francisco and has lived in the heart of the Mission District his entire life. After graduating from San Francisco State, he took different employment opportunities before landing a position with an after-school program at Cesar Chavez Elementary School in 1991. In 1996 the program merged with the Jamestown Community Center and Saul entered into the role as Site Manager for the after-school program.
For over twenty-six years he has committed himself to work with youth and families from the community, having built strong connections and relationships with them. He is excited about continuing his work with the community as the Beacon Director at Cesar Chavez Elementary.

Here are some some appreciations from his Director, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“If you ever need a fail proof plan, Saul is the person to go to. His attention to detail provides a sense of structure and order at the Chavez Beacon. Besides his current reign as the 4 square king, Saul is known for his warm mentorship to many of his staff and many youth graduate from Cesar Chavez with the aspiration to come work for him. His deep community roots and family relationships make Saul a staple in the Cesar Chavez Beacon Community.” – Jessica Linares, Director of Community Schools of Jamestown

“Saul brings a balance of humor and gravity to the Beacon Network that provides balance for all of us. He is a true leader at his school, and brings both humility and expertise to his role as a Beacon Director. He’s also an expert talent show co-host.” – Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Associate Director of SFBI

Thank you for all your dedication, Saul!