September 26, 2018

Sherry Congrave-Wilson, Beacon Director at Paul Revere Beacon Community School

Sherry has over 12 years of experience coordinating and managing projects and educational programs in the Bay Area. She started her career as a secondary Social Studies teacher in San Diego and the East Bay. She earned her first masters in Educational Equity and Social Justice from San Francisco State in 2010. She recently completed a second masters, an administrative credential and a doctorate in Education Leadership from Mills College and a certificate for Arts Integrated Learning from Alameda County’s Office of Education. Sherry has also conducted educational research in China and Japan through the Chris Larsen Fellowship Program and the Fulbright Memorial Fund Fellowship Program. Her research and programming highlights issues around equity, identity development and arts based education. She is currently the Beacon Program Director for Paul Revere Elementary/ Middle School in San Francisco, CA.

Here are some appreciations from her Director, Principal, and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative:

“Dr. Sherry Congrave-Wilson’s calm, caring and critical approach to education and programming has quickly made a positive impact on the students, families and staff at Paul Revere Middle School. Her strong ability to listen and advocate for families has allowed her to build a strong foundation for the many great things to come for the Paul Revere Beacon.” -Don Blasky, Program Director of Bay Area Community Resources

“Dr. Sherry Congrave-Wilson is invested in strengthening the connection between the day school staff and after school staff.” – Lee Bryan Jr, Principal of Paul Revere K-8 School

“Dr Sherry has been fantastic to work with. She is collaborative minded. smart and passionate about removing barriers for children and family. Sherry is a seasoned leader with a solid vision of what needs to be down and how to do it, to ensure that kids and families have the tools they need to survive. “- Carol Hill, Executive Director of SFBI

You’re amazing, Sherry!