Bayview Beacon

One of the youth at MLK Academic Middle School was not attending school, had a 1.0 grade point average and was spiraling down. One of the Beacon’s staff went out of his way to have this youth be part of the flag football team. The youth was very hesitant but the staff kept pushing the youth to join the team. After a while this youth decided to participate in the after school program in  homework support and flag football. After couple of weeks in the team, this youth started attending school on the regular basis, seemed more positive and motivated to be part of the school and after school community. The youth ended the semester with a 2.71 grade point average and many teachers noticed his progress. Youth states that being in the flag football team has motivated him to participate more in school. It is important to keep youth not just interested in sports but in their school work, community and well being.

One of our most valuable programs at Burton High School is cheerleading. We have the most high spirited and energetic students. These incredible students are a very integral part of the Beacon. Once they become a cheerleader they tend to be more involved in other Beacon programs and feel part of the community. Cheerleading motivates these students to succeed during and after school. Due to cheerleading being a part of the Beacon we have been incorporating youth development practices and have ample opportunities to become leaders. We have students who hold different positions, we have captains who help lead stretches but we also have a secretary who tracks attendance. Each and every cheerleader is extremely passionate and we are extremely proud of their achievements. The Beacon strongly believes that any student can strive when given the proper tools and that is what we do.

At MLK Academic Middle school the Beacon has created a safe and supportive environment for every student who participates in flag football. Beacon provides one hour of homework support before practice and individual case managing. Case managing enables them to set academic and personal goals.  Being part of this team empowers youth in various ways to be part and give back to the community. Practices start with community circles and end with reflection activities. Our players are given leadership roles which allow them to participate in their community therefore, are seen as role models for their peers. This is what makes MLk’s flag football a unique team.

See my blurb below about Bayview Beacon’s collaboration with the schools SAP team:
As the Prevention Services Coordinator at Burton High School, I sit on the Student Assistance Program (SAP) team with school day administrators, grade level counselors, Truancy Assessment and Resources Center (TARC) staff, Special Education and Wellness staff and our two Beacon Student Advocates. This partnership is essential to the efficacy of the Prevention Services team. Every week we have the opportunity to discuss students who are struggling academically, with attendance and/or for whom staff have behavioral/emotional concerns. Every student who is SAPed is connected with to the most appropriate supportive service. The Beacon offers individual case management, group case management for Freshman, after academic support and/or connection to enrichment activities via the Teen Center. As students needs are discussed, the entire team make the decision as to which service is most appropriate, and a follow up date is set as to when we will assess student response to the selected intervention. In this way, our Prevention Services team receives appropriate referrals, the school does not duplicate services, and student needs are met in a timely and responsive manner.