My APG Why Story is about two students name Jakob and Dylan.  Both students attended the afterschool program during 2010-2013.  While they were here, they were very soft spoken and didn’t make a lot of friends and each had their own family struggles as they navigated the school system.  Jakob and Dylan came to the afterschool program everyday and made close connections with some of the staff, which was why they kept coming back. I encouraged both boys to get out of their comfort zones and to explore relationships with other peers and to try out the various project clubs.  Jakob really came out of his shell as he discovered the Mousesquad Program, while Dylan found his passion from participating in the Urban Music Program. As both boys graduated and went on to Wallenberg Highschool, they still came back to APG from time to time to volunteer and to visit. Currently, both boys have graduated from highschool and are working in the APG afterschool program; Jakob is the 7th Program Leader and Dylan is the Safety & Support.  Both young men embodies SNBC’s mission to “provide supports and opportunities to ensure the healthy development of children, youth, and adults”, and our purpose is “to connect people to their passion, potential, and community”.