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San Francisco Community Schools Toolkit

What is this?

This toolkit, created by San Francisco Unified School District and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative, provides tools, best practices and areas for consideration as you begin to develop and implement community schools programs and practices at your school.

Why a toolkit?

In preparation for a major Community Schools expansion in San Francisco, a team of staff at the San Francisco Beacon Initiative and San Francisco Unified School district came together to compile as much guiding and supporting information as possible to help new community schools get started, and deepen and strengthen the work of established community schools.

What’s so special about THIS toolkit?

In San Francisco we believe in first building from work that has been done before us, while always putting our own spin on it.  Nowhere else is quite like San Francisco, but everywhere else has learning and experience to offer. The SFUSD Community School Framework, Community School Standards and supporting tools found here are a combination of the best thinking we could find across the nation, all tailored to our local context.

Just like community school work, we brought broad coalitions together to provide guidance, feedback and expertise to help us decide what to include and how to present it in this toolkit.  The majority of the program examples throughout this toolkit come from our own local experts, Community Schools and Beacons here in San Francisco that are working tirelessly to serve their communities creatively and full of heart.

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Essential Community School Practices

Community School Programmatic Components

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