About Us

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative coordinates public and private partnerships and funding that enable schools, communities, and families to offer academic, social, and emotional support to their youth as they prepare for lives as successful adults.

San Francisco Beacon Initiative is one of the first models of communities and schools working in partnership. The community and its youth feel connected and supported as they take steps to shape their own bright future.

Upcoming Events


  • April 30 – Beacon Director Informational Session @ SF Main Library from 9:30 – 10:30 am
  • May 11 – End of the Year Celebration for Beacon Centers TBD
  • May 15 – Convene Partnership Meeting TBD
  • Jul 1 – Funding starts, Beacon Director starts
  • July 11-13 – Beacon Director Leadership Summit
  • July TBD – SFUSD Partnership training – implementation guide
  • July TBD – ExCEL Program Mngr/BD institute
  • Aug TBD – Principals attend
  • Aug 20 – First day of school