About Us

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative coordinates public and private partnerships and funding that enable schools, communities, and families to offer academic, social, and emotional support to their youth as they prepare for lives as successful adults.

San Francisco Beacon Initiative is one of the first models of communities and schools working in partnership. The community and its youth feel connected and supported as they take steps to shape their own bright future.


The mission of the San Francisco Beacon Initiative is to work at the site and system level to transform public schools into youth and family-centered places of learning. Grounded in the community schools model/framework, Beacon Centers are committed to a cohesive, comprehensive, and collaborative approach that create pathways to lifelong learning and transformative experiences for youth and the adults who support them through advocacy, leadership, networking and program support.

Beacon Expansion Information

4 Components of Beacon

  • Family Partnerships – Working on the implementation guide
  • School Transitions – District mainly focusing on high school students, but will build out more to welcoming a new family into a new school
  • Behavioral Wellness
  • Expanded Learning – Goes with ExCEL QAP
  • Main focus for the first year: Family Partnerships and Expanded Learning


Frequently Asked Questions regarding MOUs/Facilities Usage Permits:

  • Do you recommend to complete two different MOUs for two different sites as it asks for program details? → Lump service areas together. Contact Ruth and Community Partnership office. Ruth has a cheat sheet specifically for DCYF grantees.
  • Access to FUP → Account system with SFUSD.
  • Will Beacons still receive 4 Saturdays? → No.
  • Winter Break and Spring Break fees?→ To be paid for.
  • Are we expected to run summer program at the Beacon site if condensed sites? → Yes, summer programs will be at the Beacon site unless the site is closed for some reason.
  • Evening hours fee? → After 7:30 pm you have to pay.
  • FUP Advice – Recommend multiple reservations for any breaks in between. Every FUP can do about 10 reservations on it.
  • Is there a before school start time? → If you want to start at 7 am, they charge 30 mins beforehand for custodial services to open the doors at 6:30. Submit FUP until MOU is figured out.
  • Are there glitches in the system? → Yes, you’ll have to call Carmen at Real Estate to figure out.
  • Another agency providing service at our Beacon site, we have an MOU, do we they need a FUP? → They don’t need to if they have an MOU with you.
  • Family events happen past 7:30 pm do we have to fill it out? → Complete the permit for just that 1 day event.


Upcoming Events/Important Dates

  • May 18 – End of the Year Celebration for Beacon Centers TBD
  • May 15 – Convene Partnership Meeting TBD
  • Jul 1 – Funding starts, Beacon Director starts
  • July 11-13 – Beacon Director Leadership Summit
  • July TBD – SFUSD Partnership training – implementation guide
  • July TBD – ExCEL Program Mngr/BD institute
  • Aug TBD – Principals attend
  • Aug 20 – First day of school